Legal Support Services Provided



  • Fees for retainer will be quoted on an individual basis
    • Daily Court Service
      • Daily office pick-ups
      • Same day filings Los Angeles Central/Downtown Civic Center Area
      • Next day filings  Los Angeles Branch Courts
    • Special Court Services
      • Special pick-ups and filings (minimum)...
      • Rush Order, Special Trips to Courthouse, Walk-throughs, Judgements, Orders, etc. (1 hr. minimum)
      • Next day filings (Branch Courts) with specific filing requirements (1/2 hr. minimum)
      • Public records search (1/2 hr. minimum)
        (Fictitious Business Name, Court Index, and City Business License)
      • Criminal Court Index
      • Preparation and or correction of document to comply with court requirements
      • Fees advanced
      • Archives retrieval of documents (1/2 hr. min.)
      • Traffic Court and Civic Center West (non-rush)
      • Traffic Court and Civic Center West (rush)
        (plus time if necessary)
      • County Recorder
      • Adjoining Counties (within 72 hrs., i.e. Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside)
    • Rush Filings - Branch Courts (same day)
      • Los Angeles Branch Courts (except Pomona, Lancaster)
      • Pomona, Lancaster
      • Orange County (Central, Harbor, North, West)
      • South and Federal Court
      • San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura (same day) (next day)

      Time charge if necessary will be applied to basic trip charge for walk through orders 



  • Los Angeles, per service
  • Orange County, per service
  • Southern Orange County, per service
  • Ventura County, per service (Other Counties & States call for quote)
  • Additional defendant/deponent, same address, same trip (each)
  • Each additional document, same address, same trip
  • Posting witness fees for peace officers at address other than service address
  • Declaration and mailing on substituted service
  • Rush Service
    • Double regular charges
  • Stake Outs
    • Per hr. (minimum 2 hrs.)
  • Waiting Time
    • Per hr. (minimum 1 hr.)
      Applies to special pick-ups, obtaining signatures, or stand-by on special assignments
  • Late Night or Early Morning Service
    • 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
      (in addition to regular charge, also applies when hour is set by your office or client)
  • Address Search
    • minimum charge
  • Investigation
    • Basic Locate
      (Any routine locate that is not a rush)
  • Bad Address/Not Found/Cancellation After Attempted Service
    • Los Angeles County, per service
    • Orange County, per service
    • Southern Orange County, per service



  • Basic Fee, Including the first 8 pages of the document, 2/10 hr. time, fax copy of conformed page when filed
  • Additional pages, each page
  • Set up of documents
    Includes inspection, assembly, hole punching, bluebacking (per document)
  • Time, per 1/10 hour
    (2/10 included in basic fee)
  • Typing missing documents, per document
  • Re-typing provided documents where court will not
  • accept fax copies, per document
  • Exhibit tags, per tag
  • Self addressed stamped envelopes
  • Fees advanced, minimum $1.50
  • Confirmation of filing:
    • Fax return of conformed copy
    • Fax return of entire document, per page
    • Telephonic confirmation
    • Outgoing fax, per page
    • Photocopy, per page
    • Premium surcharge for filings received before noon on the day of the filing
    • Super Premium for filings received after noon on the day of the filing
  • Document retrieval from courts:
    • $50.00 minimum, plus $2.00 per page faxed out, plus time after one hour
  • Examples:
    • 8 page Premium (received before noon)
    • 9 page Super Premium (received after noon)
    • Locate through:
      • Phone Number
      • Social Security Number
      • Full Name
      • Post Office Forwarding
      • Property Search